General Information

***Garry,  Bevan and Bernard would like to wish everyone  very happy  SHOOTING for now and in the future, in particular Garry and Bevan  would like to thank all past students for their participation in our Safety Courses  Presentations ( our new 11029NAT) presentation is in-depth and informative  and hopefully we can continue working with our future students to stay safe whilst using and handling firearms***

  1. Corporate days welcomed
  2. Accuracy test for professional shooters
  3. One on One Training  can be  provided for those who do not wish to be in a large group
  4. Come and try sessions for Clay Target Shooting / Crossbow / Handgun Experience and or general shooting safety sessions are invited
  5. Other forms of firearms safety training or workplace health and safety training  is by arrangement
  6. Clothing requirements ( covered footwear –no singlets) to comply
  7. Extended training and or tuition classes can be arranged or by appointment
  8. Delivered in Partnership with well a respected leading and local RTO
  9. 11029NAT Course for Firearms Safety (approved for Firearms Licensing in Queensland) Statement of Attainment Issued by Queensland Training Centre RTO # 40463
  10. Prices on various courses and sessions can be obtained upon request and are subject to change without notice
  11. Bookings essential
  12. Payment is required prior to the day of the course for booking , setup, confirmation and document preparation ensuring  your spot on the day
  13. Firearm safety training is conducted on most week ends, Wednesdays / Fridays  and or other times by appointment  for category  A B C D H M Collectors and R Collectors
  14. Firearm safety training for category A & B and C is by appointment usually  held at the Redcliffe City Clay Target Club Clontarf  Qld on Saturdays / Wednesdays / Fridays and some Sundays
  15. Category H C D M are conducted at an approved venue (Rothwell Pistol; Range) and other venues throughout Queensland.
  16. Monday to Friday and Week Ends   are available by appointment for group / single / come and try day / Firearms Safety Course Training
  17. Please review the firearms learning page for some useful firearm information
  18. Garry’s Contracting Services can come to you if sufficient numbers are obtained for firearm or other training sessions, (practical live firing sessions will be only conducted on an approved shooting range) if this arrangement would suit you or you group.
  19. Garry’s Contracting Services is located on the North side of Brisbane , however we will travel to for-fill your requirements for firearm or workplace health and safety matters.
  20. Courses can be conducted in all Regions and Queensland wide areas.
  21. Garry’s Contracting Services is a small Australian owned family business and prides itself to providing quality service for all clients, trainee students , alike.
  22. Juniors from the age of 11 (eleven) are encouraged to participate as this is a family sport that can keep families united
  23. Garry’s Contracting Services works alongside all local, intra, interstate and interstate firearm dealers so please ask for your local dealer for assistance in the purchasing of firearms and ammunition and associated accessories , The Shotgun Shop –  0413 871 531, Cleaver Firearms – 07 3883 1733,  Pine Rivers Gun and Lock Smith 07 3881 1688,  A J Mills & Co –  07 3269 8740, Guns and Ammo  – 0438 010 000 , Michael Hunt – 0429 453429 Email: (NSW Regional)  or your preferred firearms dealer near you.
  • The Shooters Union Qld. For only $35 plus $50 for Pistol membership you can not go past this affiliation and is real value for money if you wish to join the pistol section you must inform them when you apply (special conditions apply). if you wish to speak with someone give Lori (Membership Administrator) a call on 0409 701 109. Download the flyer or Flyers from the Advertisement page.
  • Shooters Union Qld. Visit their website at  For a $35 membership fee for category A+B and H $50 one off charge you cannot go past this affiliation. It is real value for money.Please note that if you wish to join the pistol section you must be sure to let them know as special conditions apply. If you have any questions email Lori (membership manager) at
  • Some useful additional  information for joining a Pistol Club Below
  • The process of applying for a Category H license can be a bit complicated as you must meet a number of criteria set out in the Weapons Act. First you need to join a Pistol Club. In order to join a pistol club legislation requires that you provide the club with:-If you have an A+B license:-
    • 2 character references
    • A declaration that you do/do not belong to another pistol club
    • A copy of your firearms license

    If you do not have an existing license then you need to provide:-

    • A Statement of Eligibility from Queensland Police
    • 2 character references
    • A declaration that you do/do not belong to another pistol club

    Once you have joined a Pistol Club the Weapons Act then imposes a 6 month probation period before you can apply for a Cat H license. In that time you need to:

    • Obtain a Category H safety certificate; and
    • Compete in 3 pistol matches (and have your participation recorded and signed off by the Range Officer of the matches).

    Just before the 6 months is up email a copy of your participation record to the Pistol Club and they will complete and send you a Form 518a, which you need for your Cat H license application.

  • Check out Garry’s Contracting Services   web site for other services and courses that we can offer and other services that are available, call or follow link to the relevant service or call Garry:  0408 15 66 55 or Bevan: 0417 721 645 and Bernard : 0424863552 for assistance



NO (X) AVO’s  / DVO’s  within the last five years

Driving offenses are not categorized as a conviction to disqualify you from obtaining a firearms license or from owning a firearm unless you are considered not fit to own or poses a firearm

If you feel that you would be suited to or like to own or use a firearm please come along and have a try or sit and complete our 11029NAT  Firearm Safety Training class, it’s for all ages and sex’s from eleven years and up.